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neon indian - VEGA INTL. night school

my favorite album to come out of 2015, let alone the 2010s as a whole, VEGA INTL. night school fucking goes. nobody's doing it like alan palomo!!!!! bitch!!!!!

i wasn't the biggest fan of neon indian's previous albums, but i always go back to this one. it's one of those albums i wish i could experience again for the first time, so if you've never listened, give it a try.

favorite track:

lightning bolt - hypermagic mountain

ah... hypermagic mountain my beloved... i remember hearing dead cowboy for the first time while doing the dishes, thinking 'what the hell is this and why is it 8 minutes long', then listening to it around twenty more times that day.

lightning bolt scratches a very specific itch in my brain. ive struggled to find other band this noisy in a way thats satisfying to me rather than just annoying... luckily, lightning bolt has a pretty large discography that i've been slowly consuming over the years like theyre my last food rations on a deserted island.

i'd really reccomend this album to start with as its the most accessible, but you're welcome to experience sensory overload right away by listening to 30,000 monkeys

favorite track:

louis cole - quality over opinion

this album is all over the place in the best way. it takes everything i've really enjoyed about louis cole's past music and improves on it while also trying some brand new stuff, too.

favorite track:

(mostly the second half of the song... sue me)